DCS: A-7E Corsair II by FlyingIron Sims

DCS: A-7E Corsair II by FlyingIron Sims

Hey Guys,

Today we're very excited to announce that the papers have been signed & the ink is now dry: we are ready to unveil our latest project.

It brings us great excitement to say that FlyingIron Simulations is coming to DCS World by Eagle Dynamics!

We will be developing the LTV A-7E Corsair II, aka the 'SLUF'. Here are some very early WiP images for you to enjoy!

Please note that the artwork is still in the early stages & not representative of the final product. We hope you're as excited as we are!


  • Les Potts

    Any updates on the A7E project, anxiously awaiting some news.

  • checker

    I will buy an A-7 Corsair II and F-8 Crusader immediately when released! Very excited for these planes:)

  • Evert

    Count me in! I will definately buy this awesome aircraft!!

  • Dave Pastula

    An awesome addition to DCS! With the Tomcat, Skyhawk and Intruder coming, have one great line-up for Naval Aviation!!! Looking forward to strapping in a VA-37 bird :)

  • Patrick Mussotte

    Definitively a must by! The SLUF is such a unique and advance attack plane of its time. Keep up your great work FlyingIron!

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