MSFS: P-38L Lightning Update 1.1.2 is Now Available!

MSFS: P-38L Lightning Update 1.1.2 is Now Available!

G'day Pilots!

Today marks the release of version 1.1.2 for the P-38L Lightning! This update brings a variety of flight model and engine enhancements, along with several bug fixes and quality of life improvements. See the full changelog below:

- Improved interaction and tooltips for the throttle, propeller and mixture levers
- Sharper cockpit shadows
- Removed gunsight hitbox (gunsight can be toggled via the tablet)

- Improved overall stability setup and tuning
- Improved flap setup and re-tuning
- Yoke input / control surface reactivity tuning
- Improved compressibility logic (starts at Mach 0.68 / correct for all altitudes)
- New dynamic extended / retracted gear CG simulation (gear extended moves CG 3.5% more forward)
- Retuned suspension
- Slower more realistic flap handle movement
- More effective maneuvering flap (8 deg)

- New setup for the turbo-super chargers (performance now matches actual data charts)
- Historically accurate fuel consumption for the entire RPM/MP range

- Feathered propellers now come to a full stop
- New setup with improved torque simulation

- Workshop tab data persistence fixed

- Assistance HUD now displays deployed flaps in degrees properly
- Manual power chart reference table updated

For instructions on how to update your aircraft, please read through our installation guide. The MSFS Marketplace version will be updated in the coming days.

We hope you enjoy the update,

- The FlyingIron Team

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