MSFS: P-38L Update 1.0.1 Now Available!

MSFS: P-38L Update 1.0.1 Now Available!


G'day everyone!

Our first update for the P-38L is now available!

Update 1.0.1 includes various fixes and improvements in systems, flight model, art and the tablet.


  • Tablet and Radio renamed to prevent conflicts with other mods
  • Thermodynamics model improved
  • Oxygen Gauge + Logic Fixed
  • Oil Cooler 'Auto' Mode fixed


  • Improved ground handling, most notably nosewheel steering
  • Improved control in runway crosswind conditions (weathervaning effect)
  • Improved landing characteristics
  • Added Canopy drag
  • Small tweaks to lift


  • Added Fuel Selector Decals
  • Added Aircraft Placard
  • Added more polygons to dash for better curvature
  • Fixed reversed decals
  • Fixed Elevator animation
  • Added landing light 3d model
  • Added stow & wing fuel level test tooltips
  • Added Cockpit light bulb
  • Fixed Right Wing Light colour


  • Added loadout manager
  • Added pushback service
  • Fixed Autopilot
  • Added new Tablet click spot*
  • Remembers open page when stowed, will activate again upon unstowing.
  • A lot more data on the Live Data page as well as more Units of Measurement
  • Settings page now has brightness control
  • Performance optimizations
  • Checklist page: improved Engine Startup
  • V-Speed page: added max speed with drop tanks
  • Adjusted fuel consumption and range data

* The additional click spot can be accessed on the port side, just aft of the Outer Wing Fuel Warning panel.

Tablet Click Spot (Port Side, Fwd of Wing Fuel Warning Lights)



Alex & Dan

FlyingIron Simulations


  • Jim Blanchard

    Thanks for the update. Especially like the improved ground handling. Has anyone else experienced engine suddenly cutting out and surging alternately? I seem to be experiencing it when climbing or under engine load above say, 30 MP. Might be just under load at altitudes above 10k though. Haven’t investigated more than one flight which was in cold conditions ~11°C.

  • paul

    Oh I love flying this P-38!! so fun!! The Spitfire and P-38 are my absolute favorites to fly! You guys do a great job with these planes!! My uncle was a B-24 pilot, any chance of seeing a Liberator in the future? :)

  • Sorry to be a pain

    Update on my comment regarding tablet use in VR. Removed all mods and add-on folders from community, and tablet does work – so clearly some compatibility issue. I read in patch notes something about changing the naming of tablet and radio to avoid conflicts (which I did not experience in the previous release), unfortunately there remains some incompatibility. If I can pin it down will let you guys know (might be with other tablet functionality from other releases e.g., Milviz Corsair, CRB5/700, DC-6 perhaps?). Apart from that, excellent work and for anyone interested in this release – I highly recommend it.

  • Herb

    In the last couple weeks, the Lightning has quickly become my favorite plane in the sim. The email today about the update was a happy surprise. Can’t wait to download the update and give the new version a spin after work today!

  • Preston Martin

    Good day Gentlemen, and a big bravo! Thanks for a great flying aircraft. These updates are going to make it better yet. I can’t wait to get off work in 9 hours and update her.

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