MSFS: P-38L Update 1.0.3 is Now Available!

MSFS: P-38L Update 1.0.3 is Now Available!

G'day Everyone!

Update 1.0.3 is now available! This update mainly addresses the left engine issue, but also has a a few other fixes and improvements.


- Fixed CAT issue causing issues with the left engine.
- Improved VR camera setup
- Fixed spoilers not deploying in the air
- Added Open Canopy simvar to support hardware users

Thanks all,

Alex, Dan and Rai



  • Yankee Troup

    Bought this plane from in game marketplace on steam, it has no guns on it. Am willing to pay for the needed files
    to add the guns on this one. Is it possible to get these files from FLYINGIRON SIMULATIONS and what do I need to do ?

  • Seb

    Hello, wondering when it will be available on XBOX ?

  • Seb

    Hello, wondering when it will be available on XBOX ?

  • George Mendoza

    Hey guys please fix the barometric pressure knob and the autopilot altitude arrows, they’re broken!!!!! Airplane was totally fine before the latest update

  • Jim Rawlings

    After update I cannot set barometric pressure. GTN 750 will no longer work as window. Tablet can be used once, then altitude set is permanent. Does not respond to up/down arrows, altitude is whatever was originally set. Closing tablet and restarting autopilot does not let you change altitude. 50% of the time when starting from parking, mouse cannot move propellor, mixture, fuel pump on/off. All used to work before update, now only fix noticed is left rudder pedal now moves, didn’t before. Any way to undo last update? Used to be my favorite plane to fly. Thanks!

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