MSFS: P-38L Update 1.1.0 Is Now Available!

MSFS: P-38L Update 1.1.0 Is Now Available!

G'day folks!

We are proud to introduce Update 1.1.0 which is a major update that includes a complete rewrite of code to ensure Xbox compatibility, improved FPS and superior systems simulation, as well as the inclusion of the much-anticipated new propeller physics simulation. It also includes various sound, art and tablet improvements and fixes.


  • New propeller discs and start-up animation
  • Oxygen gauge reflection fixed
  • Icing added to exterior model
  • Intercooler flaps added (bottom shutter under each engine)
  • Fixed several multiplayer artifacts (gear animations, canopy open/close animations)
  • New canopy rip-off animation sequence with a rattling canopy to warn you it's not locked
  • A marker line has been added at the elevator trim centre
  • Elevator trim disc improved
  • Nearly all gauge faces have been redesigned to be a very close match with the original gauges (also easier to read now)
  • Yoke now always shows in external view


  • Both the MSFS Toolbar menu checklists and the tablet checklists have been overhauled and are more comprehensive
  • Checklist added for the Runup phase
  • All 3 compasses work now exactly as they do in reality. An overview:
    • Directional Gyro (most right) depends on a running engine for vacuum (always worked)
    • Standby Magnetic Compass (left top) (always worked)
    • Remote Indicating Compass (left bottom) now depends on electricity (use compass switch)
    • Compass adjustments knobs now all turn their respective compass 2x faster
  • Aileron booster (bottom right, below the flap handle) now can be operated (saves hydraulics during 1 engine operations), this will result in slower roll rates at higher speeds
  • Hydraulic gauge responds to aileron input (with aileron booster on), flaps and gear
  • Cross Suction scenarios now working as expected:
    • Simultaneous left and right Cross Suction cuts fuel to both engines
    • Cross Suction from a wingtip will cut fuel to the cross feeding side
  • Fuel pump on without engines running now shows pressure (but the mixture lever needs to be forward)
  • Electrical systems have been overhauled with authentic battery and generator power levels
  • All electrical systems have corrected wattage and amp defined, from heavy starter systems to simple light bulbs
  • Oxygen system redesigned
  • Flap feather lights now work as per the original aircraft: e.g. if a prop is feathered, and you apply full rudder to compensate for yaw, the feathered light will turn on
  • Transponder Code defaults to 1200
  • Wing Tip low fuel lights now turn on when there is 10 Gal left (used to be 5 Gal), which corresponds to about 5 min of fuel
  • Panel and Glareshield lights rebalanced, glareshield also affects the GNS430 buttons (but not the screen, this seems unsupported in MSFS at the moment)
  • Closing a prop feather guard will now unfeather the prop
  • Fixed wing and taillights, selection of bright or dim modes now works
  • Fuel gauges require volts
  • Ammeters only work when the respective engine is running, and the generator is switched on


  • Retuned take-off, climb and cruise performance
  • Start-up process is now authentic, meaning you have to hold the START switch first and listen for the flywheel to spool up (about 5 seconds), after which you may hold the ENGAGE switch to couple the propeller.
  • A 2 to 4 second prime pre-start-up is now required. When over primed, you need to open the throttle to let fumes escape and wait a few minutes.
  • Advanced thermodynamics with custom modelling of oil, coolant, and intercooler systems
  • All cooling systems have working automatic shutters, or can be controlled manually as per the original aircraft
  • Engine stresses, which build up over time when pushed too much
  • Carburettor icing can occur when you fly through a cloud and low MP and are within a 4C (+/- 7C) temperature range
  • Priming now requires at least 4Psi of fuel pressure (check gauges)
  • The turbo's steel structure will start glowing when hot (visible in low light conditions)


  • Rebalanced a few sounds, engine volume etc
  • Canopy sounds restored
  • Gear movement sounds tweaked, gear bay close sound added
  • Switch sound volume upped
  • Ground roll build-up improved
  • Right engine stutter/delay fixed

Flight Model

  • Modern propeller physics
  • Open window buffeting (only fly with windows closed)
  • Overall improvements in various areas, including overall flight behaviour, landing and better ground handling
  • Drag added for all external components that are under your control (all cooling shutters, canopy top and windows)
  • Compressibility stalls now coded for a better approximation of the effect
  • Dive flaps lift and drag both increased: more lift so you can dive out within 10,000ft, more drag so you keep a good speed when going down at 45deg with minimal thrust.


  • Live Data page now reflects correct temperatures
  • Live Data page now displays drag for individual components (Oil Cooler, Radiator, Intercooler, Drop tanks and Canopy)
  • Live Data page displays engine priming status (Under primed, Primed, Over primed)
  • Newly designed Auto Pilot, now working well under all scenarios
  • Select the Default MSFS pilot if you like instead of the WWII themed pilot
  • Dynamic Engine Stresses (previously Engine Damage)
  • Dynamic Engine Stresses console, showing where and how much the stresses are


  • Heavy code rewriting and optimization of almost the entire aircraft, giving you a deeper simulation while enjoying more FPS
  • All flight start scenarios have been correctly pre-configured (start on Apron, Runway, Cruise, etc)
  • All flights start with full tanks but without drop tanks mounted by default


Thanks all,

Alex, Dan & Rai



  • Matt

    Do you happen to know if this plane cruises faster? Because I felt it hard to get the plane at 220 knots in level flight. The marketplace description says it can cruise at 275 knots, AND fly above 400 Knots. When I hit 389 Knots, it brought Mr back to the main menu for overspend. I thought that could use some tweaking. There are just some suggestions you guys could make to make it the best War Bird in the game!

  • George Mendoza

    Did the barometric pressure knob got fixed? When this update gonna be available for MSFS marketplace shoppers?

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