MSFS: Spitfire Mk IXc Update 1.2.0 Is Now Available!

MSFS: Spitfire Mk IXc Update 1.2.0 Is Now Available!

G'day everyone!

We are very excited to introduce the major update 1.2.0 for the Spitfire MkIX, which includes a complete conversion of code from WASM to ensure 100% compatibility with the Xbox version. We have also been working very closely with an active MkIX pilot, which has allowed us to greatly improve our flight model and systems simulation.


  • High-fidelity engine simulation tuned in cooperation with an active MkIX pilot
  • Solved fuel qty rounding error in MSFS Fuel screen
  • Slightly adjusted empty CG to prevent out of CG error at 99% main fuel tank only
  • Corrected pilot description tag
  • Fixed Autopilot binding issue
  • Improved VR Pilot camera view
  • Adjust brake lever animation to be analogue
  • Brake lever animation much more responsive
  • Brake pressure needles much more responsive
  • Fixed fuel pump issue
  • Added CANOPY OPEN simvar in support of fan hardware
  • Added more loading screen tips
  • Refined various cameras
  • Improved exterior HUD
  • Setup detailed electrical system
  • Improved the fuel pressure system
  • Added volts to tablet live data
  • Improved the start-up simulation
  • Implemented MS/FS supercharger gears and made various refinements to the supercharger
  • Changed boost button variable
  • Added ability to toggle GPS power
  • GPS button brightness is now based on the maximum of the two spotlight rheostats
  • Improved the dynamic engine stresses
  • Added more informative mouse-over tips
  • Added engine backfiring (low MP, high RPM)
  • Greatly improved the thermodynamics model, taking into account things such as the gear disrupting radiator airflow and the flaps blocking it entirely
  • Added common power settings to the checklist
  • Fixed RPM stress algorithm
Flight Model:
  • High-fidelity flight model tuned in cooperation with an active MkIX pilot
  • Added modern prop physics
  • Reduced brake power to ease nose dipping
  • Corrected differential brake value
  • Slightly increased prop efficiency at idle to match the real-world Spitfire
  • Minor correction to wheel contact points
  • Increased flap deployment dip
  • Increased adverse yaw
  • Tweaked flap and gear drag
  • Tuned parasitic drag
  • Added custom prop disc braking
  • Added compensation for the SU9 wind issues
  • Fixed the windshield deice lever animation
  • Fixed gun barrel frost showing if there are no guns
  • Added low altitude dust FX
  • Fixed rudder and elevator trim tabs
  • Added wing tip vortices
  • Added cockpit light bounce & improved cockpit lighting
  • Modified LOD sizes for better optimization
  • Fixed the rudder trim knob not responding to the click spot correctly
  • Improved the instrument panel texture
  • Added canopy physics (the canopy can now slide shut if the canopy is open and the door is locked)
  • Disabled engine smoke (will likely be re-added and improved down the line)
  • Fixed collision box for the cockpit
  • Fixed animation for the boost coil cover so that it no longer clips with the fuel lever
  • Fixed door collision so that it's easier to click the port switches
  • Fixed gunsight ambient occlusion issue
  • Added the ability to toggle between the default ASOBO pilot and the WW2 pilot
  • Gear thud added
  • Propwash sound improved
  • Ground sounds mix improved
  • Engine Backfiring improved
  • Improved starter sound
  • Rattles, Winds and flaps mix improved

Thanks all,

Alex, Dan & Rai



  • jason robert french

    downloaded put in community folder and it does not show in msfs 2020 please help

  • Mark Meyer

    Where can I download the update for the Spitfire FS2020?

  • Ben Collins

    Hi, Have the add on and not had a problem, not played for a while and did the update and now i cant take off without a nose flip. Release brake and then press A for speed but it constantly is fliping over foward, if i eventually take off it keeps wanting to point down. Any ideas?

  • Alan Stepney

    Will this run on Prepar3D V4 and Prepar3D V5 please.



  • Ricardo Rivera

    Wow you guys actually listen! The catastrophic engine failure was a surprise today! I figured I’d test out the new effects with approx 10min on emergency war power. Great modeling it’s just missing the premature smoke. I saw 👀 you removed the high temp smoke effect. Looking forward to see what you guys have In store for its return! I would love to see these new engine damage and high temp effects implemented in the P-38 as well. I’m sure you guys have already thought about that. Any chance for working gun sights in the future?

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