MSFS Spitfire: Update 1.0.3 Now Available

MSFS Spitfire: Update 1.0.3 Now Available


Hey Guys,

Our latest Spitfire update is now ready!

Update 1.0.3 focuses on updating the Spitfire for MSFS’s July Update, which includes Xbox integration and a new interaction system. We’ve also included some particle FX and a few other goodies for you.


  • Implementation of the new UI & Interaction system – including improved tooltips and controls (primer & door controls fixed)
  • Integration of Garmin 430 GPS in the cockpit – gunsight can now be toggled between gunsight & GPS via the Gunsight Reticule switch
  • Addition of basic Visual FX – engine smoke, contrails, tyre particles etc. More to come in future updates!
  • Integrated engine block vibrations
  • Numerous Flight Model & Ground Handling refinements & improvements (By GotGravel)
  • Refined & improved Oxygen system realism
  • Engine Damage now optional – can be toggled ON/OFF via Radio Preset Button D
  • Improved Prop Animation
  • Fixed lighting knob controls
  • Fixed temperature gauge dropouts & bugs
  • Numerous bugfixes & miscellaneous improvements to Art & systems



Dan & Alex
FlyingIron Simulations


  • Graham R

    definitely the best Spit anywhere guys, looking forward to maybe seeing the P38 too warbirds are the only way to fly

  • Mark

    Hello, patch 1.03 is stated on Series X but nothing you mention above is incorporated. Still no door working, making cold and dark pointless, no working oil gauges, etc.

    Please have this resolved asap. The experience of flying your great work of art is marred by these issues.
    Thank you

  • Derrick Currier

    I am having issue with the flight performance with the spitfire for Xbox series x MSFS. Everything I try and take off it rolls left and crashes just as I start to pick up speed. I have trimmed it and adjusted fuel levels and nothing works and I am frustrated and feel like I wasted my money. Can you please help me?

  • Paco Skiinoff

    The engine damage off doesn’t work. No action visible in VR.

  • Oliver

    I very much agree with Michel on wanting an easier more user friendly way to download the latest updates

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