MSFS: Spitfire Update 1.4.0 is here!

MSFS: Spitfire Update 1.4.0 is here!

G'day Pilots!

Today we're excited to announce that the latest major update for the Spitfire is now available from our website! This update is the culmination of several months of working with the RAF's Battle of Britian Memorial Flight (BBMF) team. The BBMF have 6 Spitfires in their impressive collection of Warbirds, with thousands of hours of flight experience in the cockpit between them. We've been fortunate enough to work closely with the team; collecting feedback and observations from them as they put our Spitfire simulation through its paces.

Thanks to the expertise of the BBMF, we have been able to finetune our simulation to the highest degree possible - no aspect of the flight envelope has been left untouched! We are happy to say with full confidence that our Spitfire is flying just like the real thing, as confirmed by active Spitfire pilots using it for training! The flight model, engine & ground handling have all been refined to meet pilot feedback, with several of our custom aerodynamics systems being reworked & expanded to increase realism. To succinctly paraphrase BBMF pilot 'Disco' - "Power is on point, ground handling is also ... overall, well chuffed!"

It's been a blessing to work with the BBMF and a fantastic feeling to be able to finetune our sim and have it validated by the team.

Alongside Flight Model improvements, this update features a few major refinements, including the addition of authentic differential braking (via the wheel brake lever & rudder), new cockpit lighting and a major sound overhaul with significantly improved engine sounds and authentic flyby processing.

Take a look at the BBMF flying our Spitfire sim here:

You can also see a sample of the flyby improvements below! 

 Note that this was captured before final release and some refinements have been made since


 NB: As always, the update is available for our website now and will hopefully be available for Marketplace users in the next week or two.

Full changelog 1.4.0:
Flight Model

  • Flying under a bridge detected, now prevents destroying the prop
  • Increased rudder authority in flight
  • Tuned prop drag
  • Adjusted static height
  • Adjusted MP power at 2000RPM to meet RAF target
  • Increased flap deploy pitch down effect
  • Increased yaw forces

Ground Handling

  • Added authentic rudder-controlled differential braking
  • Increased wheel brake power
  • Improved gear suspension


  • Complete overhaul of Merlin engine sounds. Exterior now has 3 unique sound cones (rear, prop & left/right).
  • Interior cockpit sounds updated
  • Remade prop sounds. Added exhaust sounds.
  • Complete overhaul of flyby sound processing.
  • Remade pitch curves and transitions for all engine tracks to be smoother and synchronised across tracks.
  • Added new engine start sounds (exterior exhaust + interior canopy open)
  • Added new distance attenuation models (cockpit + exterior)
  • Updated cockpit + exterior reverb models
  • Updated AI/Multiplayer sounds with the new sounds
  • Fixed AI/Multiplayer Spitfires not audible from inside cockpit
  • Rebalanced & improved wind sounds
  • Corrected wing creaking volume spike
  • Fixed fuel pump attenuation
  • Rebalanced all sounds
  • Pitch trim foley adjusted


  • Added optional accelerometer
  • Increased coolant temp rise
  • Added oil & coolant initial temperatures for hot starts
  • Updated Instrument Cam #9

Visual Model

  • Redesigned cockpit spot lighting
  • Low Fuel Pressure and Gear Indicator lights now emit a subtle ambient light
  • Redesigned exterior lighting
  • Fixed oil temperature gauge face
  • Added throttle lever vibrations
  • Widened ASI needle


  • Added ASI MPH/KTS toggle option
  • Added accelerometer gauge toggle option


  • Matthew

    I also had 3 flights end prematurely yesterday when I opened the canopy as per the tablet checklist under 160 mph (the last attempt was under 90). Super disappointing!

  • Rich Hall

    Coming up on a year with the open cockpit issue in this wonderful plane by flyingiron Simulations. And not a single word from the developer DISAPPOINTING to say the least. We bought this aircraft to fly it accurately and have not been able to for a long time. Whats most disappointing is the lack of correspondence on this matter. This wasn’t a cheap plane to addon to the sim. Up until this point the support and updates have been great. What a bloody shame this issue has fallen on deaf ears!!!!!

  • Patrik

    Raising my hand as well about the canopy issue. Please look into this! It really bothers us. Thank you for this otherwise brilliant piece of art/work.

  • John Hastie

    Still not able to get flaps to stay down binding different keys to joystick, throttle or keyboard defaults will not work.
    joy and throttle, Hota’s warthog no assisted flight options selected, as soon as you activate flaps with the mouse they retract. to up instantly??

  • Raimbault

    When do you plan to fix the crash issue regarding opening the canopy on takeoff and landing. Thanks

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