P-38L Development Mini-update #2

P-38L Development Mini-update #2

Hey Guys,

Today we're happy to share some more images of our upcoming P-38 Lightning for X-plane 11.

As you can see, Art is progressing tremendously, with Livery creation now taking place as well as Particle FX development. Work continues refining the sound, including exact spatial positioning and carefully tuned distance attenuation. Flight Model development is largely complete, with programming now focusing on weapons implementation, further developing our Flight Control & hydraulics simulation system, and further optimising. 

We also have some very happy news regarding optimisation: despite being by far our most complex simulation and best-looking model, the P-38 is our smoothest running module so far in terms of frame-rates & performance. We are getting a smooth 75+fps in OpenGL, and better frames still in Vulkan testing. For comparison, we normally expect to sit around ~60 fps with our Spitfire simulation.

Without further ado, the preview images:




Dan & Alex
FlyingIron Simulations


  • james hellyer

    how do I do updates for your spit and p-38? love flying them. I have microsoft fs.

  • Philippe Degand-Saint

    Very Good Job. I have bought spitfire and P-38. I wait to have this new update :)


    Great job so far. Can’t wait for it to be on the market

  • JazAero

    absolutely love the texture work

  • james hope


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