MSFS: P-38L Update 1.1.0 Is Now Available!

MSFS: P-38L Update 1.1.0 Is Now Available!

G'day folks!

We are proud to introduce Update 1.1.0 which is a major update that includes a complete rewrite of code to ensure Xbox compatibility, improved FPS and superior systems simulation, as well as the inclusion of the much-anticipated new propeller physics simulation. It also includes various sound, art and tablet improvements and fixes.


  • New propeller discs and start-up animation
  • Oxygen gauge reflection fixed
  • Icing added to exterior model
  • Intercooler flaps added (bottom shutter under each engine)
  • Fixed several multiplayer artifacts (gear animations, canopy open/close animations)
  • New canopy rip-off animation sequence with a rattling canopy to warn you it's not locked
  • A marker line has been added at the elevator trim centre
  • Elevator trim disc improved
  • Nearly all gauge faces have been redesigned to be a very close match with the original gauges (also easier to read now)
  • Yoke now always shows in external view


  • Both the MSFS Toolbar menu checklists and the tablet checklists have been overhauled and are more comprehensive
  • Checklist added for the Runup phase
  • All 3 compasses work now exactly as they do in reality. An overview:
    • Directional Gyro (most right) depends on a running engine for vacuum (always worked)
    • Standby Magnetic Compass (left top) (always worked)
    • Remote Indicating Compass (left bottom) now depends on electricity (use compass switch)
    • Compass adjustments knobs now all turn their respective compass 2x faster
  • Aileron booster (bottom right, below the flap handle) now can be operated (saves hydraulics during 1 engine operations), this will result in slower roll rates at higher speeds
  • Hydraulic gauge responds to aileron input (with aileron booster on), flaps and gear
  • Cross Suction scenarios now working as expected:
    • Simultaneous left and right Cross Suction cuts fuel to both engines
    • Cross Suction from a wingtip will cut fuel to the cross feeding side
  • Fuel pump on without engines running now shows pressure (but the mixture lever needs to be forward)
  • Electrical systems have been overhauled with authentic battery and generator power levels
  • All electrical systems have corrected wattage and amp defined, from heavy starter systems to simple light bulbs
  • Oxygen system redesigned
  • Flap feather lights now work as per the original aircraft: e.g. if a prop is feathered, and you apply full rudder to compensate for yaw, the feathered light will turn on
  • Transponder Code defaults to 1200
  • Wing Tip low fuel lights now turn on when there is 10 Gal left (used to be 5 Gal), which corresponds to about 5 min of fuel
  • Panel and Glareshield lights rebalanced, glareshield also affects the GNS430 buttons (but not the screen, this seems unsupported in MSFS at the moment)
  • Closing a prop feather guard will now unfeather the prop
  • Fixed wing and taillights, selection of bright or dim modes now works
  • Fuel gauges require volts
  • Ammeters only work when the respective engine is running, and the generator is switched on


  • Retuned take-off, climb and cruise performance
  • Start-up process is now authentic, meaning you have to hold the START switch first and listen for the flywheel to spool up (about 5 seconds), after which you may hold the ENGAGE switch to couple the propeller.
  • A 2 to 4 second prime pre-start-up is now required. When over primed, you need to open the throttle to let fumes escape and wait a few minutes.
  • Advanced thermodynamics with custom modelling of oil, coolant, and intercooler systems
  • All cooling systems have working automatic shutters, or can be controlled manually as per the original aircraft
  • Engine stresses, which build up over time when pushed too much
  • Carburettor icing can occur when you fly through a cloud and low MP and are within a 4C (+/- 7C) temperature range
  • Priming now requires at least 4Psi of fuel pressure (check gauges)
  • The turbo's steel structure will start glowing when hot (visible in low light conditions)


  • Rebalanced a few sounds, engine volume etc
  • Canopy sounds restored
  • Gear movement sounds tweaked, gear bay close sound added
  • Switch sound volume upped
  • Ground roll build-up improved
  • Right engine stutter/delay fixed

Flight Model

  • Modern propeller physics
  • Open window buffeting (only fly with windows closed)
  • Overall improvements in various areas, including overall flight behaviour, landing and better ground handling
  • Drag added for all external components that are under your control (all cooling shutters, canopy top and windows)
  • Compressibility stalls now coded for a better approximation of the effect
  • Dive flaps lift and drag both increased: more lift so you can dive out within 10,000ft, more drag so you keep a good speed when going down at 45deg with minimal thrust.


  • Live Data page now reflects correct temperatures
  • Live Data page now displays drag for individual components (Oil Cooler, Radiator, Intercooler, Drop tanks and Canopy)
  • Live Data page displays engine priming status (Under primed, Primed, Over primed)
  • Newly designed Auto Pilot, now working well under all scenarios
  • Select the Default MSFS pilot if you like instead of the WWII themed pilot
  • Dynamic Engine Stresses (previously Engine Damage)
  • Dynamic Engine Stresses console, showing where and how much the stresses are


  • Heavy code rewriting and optimization of almost the entire aircraft, giving you a deeper simulation while enjoying more FPS
  • All flight start scenarios have been correctly pre-configured (start on Apron, Runway, Cruise, etc)
  • All flights start with full tanks but without drop tanks mounted by default


Thanks all,

Alex, Dan & Rai




    Can you please email me the update for the P38, thanks

  • Thomas Tarnowski

    I truly love your P-38L – almost as much as your Spitfire. ;-)
    What would you guys think about integrating a small Garmin 430 like in the Spitfire? It should be selectable of course (maybe even 3 options with Gunsight / nothing / G430) and really facilitate navigation. Personally, I’d really appreciate it and use it as much as I do in the Spit. Many thanks for your consideration.

    Best regards,

  • Gerald Purgold

    Really love my P-38 for MSFS! Fantastically Accurate recreation. Still Eagerly awaiting that F-117 Nighthawk for MSFS 2020.
    Everyone’s talking about it. I was fortunate to see all 18 (at that time), in their hangars at Holloman AFB, NM, back in 1985 prior to the Gulf War. They were exactly the size of the F-15, but Much More Menacing in their appearance.. They never flew in the daylight, so new pilots had to do their training flights in Total Darkness… Can’t wait to fly yours.

  • ricardo rivera

    Great Update! Any News on the Hellcat?

  • Tom

    Ich habe mir dieses grandiose Flugzeug für den MSFS 2020 für die Xbox Series X gekauft.
    Leider springt das Heck des Flugzeuges während eines Fluges immer auf und Ab, als ob man auf einem wilden Stier sitzen würde.
    Das Problem konnte auch durch verschiedene Einstellung nicht behoben werden.
    Ist diese Problem bereits bekannt?
    Für Abhilfe wäre ich sehr dankbar, da so das Fliegen keinen Spaß macht!

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