MSFS: Spitfire Mk IXc Update 1.1.0 is Now Available!

MSFS: Spitfire Mk IXc Update 1.1.0 is Now Available!

Hey guys,

Version 1.1.0 of the MSFS Spitfire Mk IXc is now available! This update includes the highly anticipated flame VFX of the Merlin engine which fires in the correct sequence, the FlyingIron Tablet which includes a huge amount of helpful information and tools, and finally an FM overhaul which has lead to the most realistic simulation of our Spitfire yet!

- Accurate Moments of Inertia according to factory data
- Flight Model entirely re-tuned due to the above
- Faster acceleration during take-off
- Renewed Instrument Camera setup and tuned QuickViews L1/R1
- Overall camera improvements
- Added Tablet & all the goodies along with it
- Fire in the pipes ... 12 x awesomeness
- A bunch of sound improvements: additions, remixing and rebalancing
- Programmable Radio (use tablet to program and radio buttons A-D to use)
- Added loading tips
- Fixed Mag 2
- Fixed cockpit light dimmers
- Improved cockpit texturing
- Added VR stick control
- Fixed radio clickables
- Fixed clock animation
- Many more fixes and improvements


Wishing you all a Happy Holidays,

Alex, Dan & Rai




  • Mark

    The latest patch now live and installed on Series X and I can gladly report the Spit is, at last, a joy to fly on Xbox. There is a bug with setting engine damage ‘ON’ and having to always set fuel pressure ‘ON’ too, otherwise the engine will constantly fire and fluctuate, eventually stalling, but overall a huge improvement. Over 6 months later and I finally feel I’ve got my money’s worth.

    The addition of the tablet is really helpful when flying with the standard Xbox controller. Great work guys, better late than never. ;)

  • Mitchell

    For those curious about how the Spitfire looks in the Xbox version, check it out:

    Visual and Flight Model are great! Looking forward to the update arrival in Marketplace.

    Well done guys! Keep it up!

  • gabriel

    Hola, no encuentro ni se donde ir para actualizar mi Spitfire en MSFS 2020, TAMPOCO ME HA LLEGADO NINGUN EN LACE PARA DICHA ACTUALIZACION 1.1.0, EL AVION LO COMPRÉ HACE 6 MESES APROX. POR FAVOR AYUDAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew

    Visual Model – Amazing
    Flight Model – Good
    Taxi Modelling – Not Great (Too Easy for a Spitfire – Tail wheel directly connected to rudder control- Not representative of a Spitfire taxi handling)
    Sound – Fair (Needs Improving – Sounds is good on Startup however the rest of the sounds don’t sound like a Spitfire)

    Other remarks – Taxi and Takeoff should have more torque swing as power is applied. Tail wheel should be castor and not directly controlled with rudder input but with a combination of rudder and brake inputs.

    OVERALL RATING – GOOD (Could be AMAZING if the Takeoff & Taxi issues are resolved – Keeping Improving!)

  • Charles

    Awesome, I can’t wait for it to show up in the Marketplace! For those of you wondering where the update is and haven’t bothered to read their F.A.Q., Microsoft / Asobo have a lengthy verification process for everything submitted to the Marketplace. It takes 3-4 weeks at least for it to show up as an update in your Content Manager. So if you purchased it via the in-game market as I did, its a waiting game. And we are waiting on MS / Asobo, not FlyingIron. Will definitely be purchasing via an online marketplace next time so I’m not choked back by verification periods like this lol.

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