MSFS: Spitfire Mk IXc Update 1.2.1 Is Now Available!

MSFS: Spitfire Mk IXc Update 1.2.1 Is Now Available!

G'day folks!

Today we have released update 1.2.1 for the Spitfire, which includes numerous systems improvements, greatly enhanced start-up audio and a fix for the dreaded cockpit light leaking!

Spitfire cockpit before and after the light leaking fix


  • Reverted fuel pump to OFF during cold start
  • Set default pilot to WWII
  • Improved fuel valve logic. The fuel valve can now be toggled with the Toggle Engine 1 Fuel Valve keybind.
  • GNS430 can now be powered on/off with the COM1 volume button
  • Improved the rudder trim wheel interaction speed
  • Fixed radiator flap not responding to manual override
  • Fixed clock animation
  • Halved the speed of icing
  • Improved the baro knob
  • Wobble pump logic improved
  • Added aileron trim control to tablets settings. Be sure to TURN OFF 'Auto Rudder' in the assistance settings as this is causing major right roll.
  • Base oil temperature slightly decreased
  • Optimized primer animation and interaction code
  • Canopy slide auto-shuts under a steeper angle now, making it easier to open on approach.
  • Transponder digit rolls corrected
  • Fixed checklists by removing incorrect idle/cutoff reference
  • Fixed CTD when saving custom camera views

Flight Model:

  • Slightly tweaked performance to compensate for SU9 changes (slightly lowered thrust at take-off)
  • Reduced wheel brake power


  • Engine starter whine sound re-added
  • New engine booster sound added
  • Added startup pops and backfires
  • Added prop sound when engine is turned off
  • Engine shutdown timing with sound improved
  • Improved groundroll and propwash transitions
  • General rebalancing


  • Greatly improved the cockpit shadows and eliminated almost all light leaking
  • Modified clock arms to more accurately reflect the real gauge

Thanks all,

Alex, Dan & Rai



  • Matthew

    Love this bird, is there a key bind for the wobble pump?

  • solitary dwarf

    how do I obtain my latest update version 1.2.1 for my spitfire

  • Vdram

    Flying irons planes top them all. Extremely well done and amazing to fly.

  • Snowy

    I am very impressed by the Flying Irons Spitfire Mk.IX. It has improved with every update and is a thing of beauty. Great to fly in MSFS with a Buttkicker set up to add the haptic feedback. Sounds are fantastic and it looks gorgeous.

  • Ricardo Rivera

    Any updates on progress for the up and coming Hellcat or German fighters? Been checking Facebook avidly waiting for a sign.

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