MSFS Spitfire: Update 1.0.1 now Live

MSFS Spitfire: Update 1.0.1 now Live

Hey Guys,

We've just released the first update for our MSFS Spitfire! For those of you that own the Spitfire already, you'll be receiving an email with a link to download the latest update.

We'd like to thank 'GotGravel' for lending his expertise and working with us to improve the Flight Model. You can find him in his discord channel here, where he is also running a Silver Spitfire around the world tour that you can join in!

Finally, keep an eye out tonight on Twitch to view or take part in a huge group Spitfire tour & flight! TwoToneMurphy, TheFlyingFabio, SeedyL & ForderLearnsToFly will all be streaming on their Twitch channels, flying together and with viewers in a huge Spitfire formation flight. Catch it on Twitch at 18:00zulu, Saturday 13th March!

A Paintkit is now available! Get the link from the 'downloads' section of our MSFS Spitfire Store Page


Screenshot by 'Sho'

Update 1.0.1

This update is our first update since release, and aims to address some remaining bugs & issues pointed out by our users, prioritizing improving the user experience, adding missing sounds & features and further improving the flight model.

Overall, the flight dynamics have been made more realistic and therefore the Spitfire is now slightly more difficult to fly (especially on takeoff). You will need to use your rudder trim more effectively, and manage your engine power more carefully. We recommend between 2-7 degrees right rudder trim for takeoff and up to +7 lb Boost.


  • External LODs improved, icing LODs fixed
  • Clipped Wing icing issues fixed
  • Animated oxygen valve, external tank lever
  • Windshield Fluid Port textures added


  • Touchdown Sounds added
  • Additional cockpit sounds added (wobble pump, primer, various switches)

Systems & Flight Model

  • Parking Brake made clickable
  • Flight Model improvements (thanks to Raimond aka GotGravel for pitching in and making several contributions here)
    - Stall speeds increased slightly
    - Stall behavior adjusted
    - P-factor increased (you will notice a much stronger tendency to swing left on takeoff. Counter this with some right rudder trim)
    - Torque/Propwash dynamics adjusted
    - Roll inertia, stability adjusted
    - Control sensitivity at various airspeeds adjusted
    - General control & trim sensitivity adjusted
    - Prop Inertia reduced
    - Engine throttle response speed increased
  • ATC Power now tied to Radio Unit – to be able to contact ATC, select any preset channel on the radio (A-D) to power it on
  • Oxygen Flow now requires oxygen flow valve on the starboard side of the cockpit to be opened
  • Negative G’s starve engine of fuel (WIP, needs additional work)
  • Engine Temperature model adjusted slightly (still WIP)

Finally, enjoy some of these beautiful screenshots sent in by some Happy Spitfire Pilots in our discord channel!

Dan & Alex
FlyingIron Simulations


Screenshot by 'Sho'

Screenshot by 'Eight_of_Dragons'

Screenshot by 'Noe'

Screenshots by 'BreezeWind'


  • António Manuel Peixoto Martins

    I had a problem on my PC and I lost everything that was installed, how do I recover my Spitfire and its updates? Thanks

  • Jeff

    I have purchased your model through the marketplace page on MSFS2020 on the 5/8/21
    I am unable to access the Integration of Garmin 430 GPS in the cockpit via the gunsight switch as in update 1.3.0?
    I am also not sure how to access any updated or able to tell if my purchase has the update 1.3.0 included?
    Any advice?

  • Robin Takolander

    You fixed the bleeding cockpit fps-hogging issue. Yes, YOU FIXED IT!
    Didn’t think you’d bother. You bastards :)


  • Chris Savage

    @terry sides, you need to have at least 6 deg right rudder trim before take off. it helps with the torq steer to the left. Its how the spit handles theres alot of power in that merlin

  • fhg mulder

    plane looks great but is not flyable. even with trim completely nos down, it is to tailheavy and will climb. it is a shame that i can’t fly it.

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