MSFS Spitfire: Update 1.0.2 Now Available

MSFS Spitfire: Update 1.0.2 Now Available

G'day guys,

We're very pleased to say that our next update for the MSFS Spitfire is now available for users that purchased it from our website. After a short testing period by Microsoft, it will then be available for users that purchased it from the Microsoft Marketplace.

-Screenshot by Aviapics


Here's what you can expect in the update:


  • Modern Radio & Transponder unit added
  • Windshield scratches decreased
  • Cockpit control hitboxes improved, made easier to use
  • Pilot head basic animation
  • Fuel Slipper Tank added
  • Fixed Compass & Directional Indicator
  • Prop blur adjusted at low RPMs
  • Cockpit Camera collisions added
  • Various small bugfixes
  • User Manual updates


  • Custom C++ Merlin Temperature model integrated (replaces default MSFS thermodynamics system)
  • Fuel system overhauled + External Tank integrated
  • Custom oxygen system integrated
  • Fuel Primer functionality integrated - now required for startup (note that requirements vary with weather conditions)
  • Engine failures revised, overheat failures improved. The engine must now be flown inside real-world operating limits or it will very likely fail
  • Camera/quick-views overhauled
  • Door & Canopy overhauled - increased realism, includes locking mechanism. Door must be closed to operate canopy slide.
  • Ctrl+E Auto-start fixed

Flight Model

The flight model has been overhauled and improved, with many small corrections adding up to make for a significantly more realistic experience. As before, thanks to GotGravel for various contributions here.

  • Geometry corrections, wing surface areas corrected
  • CG locations & limits revised
  • Lift & Drag curves revised
  • Flaps pitching moment & drag corrections (nose-down tendency more realistically modelled)
  • Moments of Inertia revised
  • Roll rates & control authority adjusted
  • Weathervaning tendency improved
  • Takeoff run increased realism - more stable along roll axis, reduced P-factor torque
  • Braking force increased, tipping tendency reduced slightly
  • Engine modelling adjusted slightly, inverted flight restored


  • Brakes pneumatic sound added 
  • Flap sound improved
  • Engine 3D Sound panning bug fixed, attenuation improved
  • Door, lock & canopy sounds updated


We hope you've all been enjoying the Spitfire and we look forward to your feedback on this latest update!


-Screenshot by Aviapics


-Screenshots by GotGravel


If you haven't already, be sure to check out GotGravel's Discord server. There you can find everything MSFS, including Flight Plans, group flights, information, freeware aircraft and more! 

Our next blog will feature news about our A-7E Corsair, as well as an exciting announcement about our upcoming plans for MSFS. Stay tuned!

-Dan & Alex
FlyingIron Sims


  • david morrow

    lovely plane but can only fly it for a few mins before it runs out of fuel( despite changing all settings )

  • Rob

    Can you tell me how to keep it stable when airborne
    Virtually uncontrollable
    Keeps wanting to climb steeply and wings swinging from left to right all the time
    This is the only plane I have these problems with regardless of settings

  • Andrew Walsh

    exactly the same issue as this? what’s the solution? Installed update today (6/24). Most things are fine, but one MAJOR issue. The plane starts with 0 fuel (actually a few drops so I could take off). It ignores the sim’s setting of unlimited fuel, Request for Fuel in parking space etc. How the devil do I get fuel in it?

  • Tim Hubbard

    Yes, it’s a great model. I agree with Philip Foster’s post on the 8/6/2021 regarding not having the slipper tank.
    Is there an option to omit this if possible? I’ll be happier if it was optional. I prefer using the older model without it!

  • samuel renault

    l avion est superbe. comment retirer le reservoir central ?

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