MSFS: Spitfire Update 1.0.3 Hotfix 2 Now Available!

MSFS: Spitfire Update 1.0.3 Hotfix 2 Now Available!

G'day everyone!

Our latest Spitfire L.F Mk IXc update for MSFS is now available!

Hotfix 2 includes various Flight Model fixes and improvements, XML fixes & other general file fixes.

  • Fixes adverse SU5 impacts to the flight model
  • Accurate zero-drag coefficient (factory data) ... translates into correct top speeds
  • Improved drag on flaps as well as gear
  • Induced drag tuned
  • CG completely redone using factory data
  • Pilot weight now 215 lb (170lb pilot + parachute + dinghy)
  • Verified and tuned stall speeds (full tanks with clean and landing configs)
  • Tuned p-factor / torque for a natural takeoff that can match the original POH (full right rudder trim, 1 notch down with boost 9 or no trim at a more gentle boost)
  • Fine tuned roll rates at various speeds
  • Tuned turn rate
  • Adjusted elevator setup based on pilot requires a tiny bit of DOWN trim to fly straight. Also take off with 1 notch DOWN trim, as per POH. This makes it easier to lift the tail around 50-60mph.
  • Elevator trim much easier and more stable during flight.
  • Engine and propeller adjustments to counter for a bug/change in SU5 that handicaps the RPM authority at altitude


Hotfix 2 comes with all necessary files for the aircraft. Be sure to remove the flyingiron-spitfire folder from your Community folder, then add the new Hotfix 2 flyingiron-spitfire folder.

If you're unsure how to install the aircraft, please follow the instructions found here:

Please note: it may take a few hours before you receive your update email. You can download the aircraft straight from our website, as explained here:

We will see you in the skies!


Alex & Dan

FlyingIron Simulations




  • Ronald van Ingen

    where are the updates?

  • Ken "Merlin" Harrison

    Any chance of a future upgrade to an Aussie Mk8??

  • Philippe

    I didn´t know the update will be released . I bought it two days ago and i can say that it´s a nice addon. I´m used to fly it on DCS…That was my first War Bird for MSFS2020 and i can´t complain.
    Congratulations to the team….

  • Sandro

    Xbox series x / s Hello developers. I love your Spitfire! .. but there are still bugs in the machine. We can’t get the door shut and the cabin roof. The engine and oil temperature does not work. Oxygen doesn’t work either. And the panes of glass flicker. When will the next patch come on Xbox ???

  • François Nikollag

    Hi there,
    I put my hands on your incredible spitfire a few days earlier and cannot stop flying this amazing bird :)
    Just a question, how do you close the door before take off?? Cannot do it on Xbox so I have to fly with it open lol even when I press the key
    Thank you

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