Spitfire Mk IXc Update 1.2

Hey Guys,

Today we've just released our latest major update via the Skunkcrafts Updater Plugin. It should be available on the .Org store for download as well within the next day or so.

This update replaces the VR/GUI Panel with our latest iteration of the FlyingIron UI Tablet (which includes Avitab integration and is VR Compatible), includes the updated & completed user manual PDF, includes axis control for the brake lever, and more.

Changelog is as follows:

Systems Modelling

  • Overhauled Pneumatic System to be more realistic
  • Overhauled Electrical system to be more realistic
  • Reworked Braking system - axis control is now available via the 'SpeedBrake' axis binding.
  • Improved several failures/damage coding
  • Improvements to fuel system modelling
  • Battery now tied to Gear Indicator Switch (on the Throttle block)
  • Transponder added

Art / Animation / Manipulators

  • Added many more cockpit animations, most switches/levers are now fully animated
  • Removed VR/GUI Panel, replaced with FlyingIron Sims Tablet
  • Improved several manipulators to be easier to click/access
  • Added command for Dust Filter
  • 3D Transponder added - as part of the optional 'Modern Radio'
  • Instrument block now vibrates from Engine vibrations


  • Added FlyingIron UI Tablet; includes Flight Setup App, Comms App, Settings, GPS, EFIS and much more
  • Avitab Integrated via the Tablet


Dan & Alex

FlyingIron Simulations

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